Food with Intention

Our mission at Bloom Foods is to serve food with intention by providing clean and healthy plant-based vegan options to the city of Houston.

Plant-Based – Vegan – Houston

Community Connection

Starting as a pop-up food tent has allowed us to create meaningful, lasting relationships with our guests. We treat each visit to Bloom as an opportunity to add new friends and family to our plant-based community.

Find Us

Meatless Monday @ Kickin Kombucha

Monday November 29th 7:30a-2p

5420 Lawndale St

Houston 77023

Tenfold Coffee Company

Thursday December 2nd 7:30a-2p

101 Aurora St

Houston 77008

Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market

Saturday December 4th 8a-12p

2752 Buffalo Speedway

Houston 77027

Vegan Vibez @ AVEVA Stadium

Saturday December 4th 12p-8p

12131 Kirby Dr

Houston 77045

Brunch @ Henderson & Kane

Sunday December 5th 10a-2p

715 Henderson St

Houston 77007

Real Food

We respect food and the preparation process, and it shows in our flavors. Our menu focuses on real food over processed ingredients. Our guests, both vegan and non-vegan, love how our food tastes and makes them feel.

Local Partners

Before launching Bloom Foods, we spent years exploring our local farming community. We built connections with Houston’s artisan food and beverage vendors to find delicious, intentional products to serve alongside our own.

Now, we partner with local businesses that share our mission to sell Bloom products around the city! Find us in:

  • Kickin’ Kombucha – frozen section
  • Henderson and Kane – frozen section and Thursday burger nights

Food Education

We’ve spent years studying what it truly means to eat a healthy diet. We feel it is necessary to be transparent about our process and ingredients, and to share what we have learned with others.

Our Story

When Chester Chambers learned what it meant to be plant-based in 2017, he was introduced to organic, quality foods at Houston’s Urban Harvest Farmers Market. When he looked for the same quality while eating out, he realized the places with suitable options were too expensive, took too long, or just did not exist.

Chester and Paige Daniels started serving hand-crafted burgers made from local ingredients in October 2019. Their pop-up started to gain traction, but in March 2020 sales died down because of the pandemic. They took the downtime as an opportunity to get to know their local farmers, and they used ingredients from the farms to invent a new burger every week.

Now, the Bloom team serves an evergreen menu of plant-based burgers, nuggets, and fries at pop-ups around Houston. We are building community and creating a foundation to open our first successful vegan restaurant in Houston where we can serve our food with intention.