Yellow Eye Pea Plant-Based Sausage?!

I made plant-based sausage for the first time this week! I really had planned to make a burger, but two things shifted this week’s creation to a sausage. First, I tasted the beans, I knew they would function incredibly well as a sausage. Paige tasted them and was excited about their smoky, caramely flavor rightContinue reading “Yellow Eye Pea Plant-Based Sausage?!”

Orca Bean Burger

This burger started when Lori sent me to Central Market to check out their bulk sale. I got to looking and quickly spotted some beautiful Dalmatian beans! I was looking back at some photos, and this purple hull pea burger with a sunnyside egg made me want to bring back an old bean burger technique.Continue reading “Orca Bean Burger”

Golden Beet Burger

If you’re like me and have explored the veggie burger scene in your city, you might have stumbled across a beet burger. I love them for their complex flavors, beautiful color, and nutritional density! As a chef, there is one downside to making beet burgers – at the end of the dish, your entire kitchenContinue reading “Golden Beet Burger”

Fried Fava Falafel Burger!!

My week started with a trip to Zero Point Organics to check out the setup that produces some of the best microgreens in Houston! I tasted about 20 different varieties of young sprouts. Some of the most interesting were the sage, chervil, radish (SPICY!!!), cabbage, and lemon balm micros. The ones that inspire this week’sContinue reading “Fried Fava Falafel Burger!!”

Chana Masala Burger!!

My girlfriend was scrolling through her phone last week, and she stumbled upon a dish we made together one of the first times we cooked together – chana masala and rice! The lighting in the picture was really bad so I won’t post it here, but we both remembered how delicious that dish tasted. IContinue reading “Chana Masala Burger!!”

Banana Flower Bah Mi

This Saturday at Urban Harvest, I started off my market haul by checking out what the Houston Regional Growers had on hand. They are independent farmers, and that tends to be the best place to stumble upon something special. I got some beautiful, resilient chard from Ely, and Armando had a large purple flower onContinue reading “Banana Flower Bah Mi”

New Year’s Prosperity Burger

Happy New Year from Bloom Foods! Happy New Year to all my vegans, vegetarians, plant-curious, flexitarians, animals, and more! For my New Years burger, I wanted to incorporate foods traditionally thought to bring health, prosperity, and good fortune, so I incorporated black eyed peas, greens, and cornbread! These ingredients led me to make a cornbreadContinue reading “New Year’s Prosperity Burger”

Holiday Radish & Plum Burger!

I went to Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market with an open mind this past Saturday to figure out what local ingredients I wanted to highlight in this week’s burger. At the Plant It Forward stand, I saw an array of radishes, and my eye honed in on the beautiful red and white French breakfast radishes! YouContinue reading “Holiday Radish & Plum Burger!”

BBQ Lion’s Mane Mushroom Loaded Sweet Potato 🤯

If you have ever had a loaded sweet potato, this is the recipe for you. This came together starting with some leftovers I had from my Lions Mane Mushroom Burger, and the pairing and plating was just beautiful. Shredding the lions mane mushroom by hand closely resembles shredded chicken or pulled pork. This is oneContinue reading “BBQ Lion’s Mane Mushroom Loaded Sweet Potato 🤯”

Brain Food: Lion’s Mane Mushroom Burger

As soon as I walked up to the Flying Saucer Farm stand this week, I knew what I was going to use Clint’s amazing LION’S MANE MUSHROOMS for this week’s burger. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are literal brain food 🧠 These mushrooms have compounds that stimulate the growth of brain cells. Consumption has been known toContinue reading “Brain Food: Lion’s Mane Mushroom Burger”