Sugar Cravings, Natural Sweeteners

The first chapter of Salt, Sugar, Fat is called Exploiting the Biology of the Child, and unfortunately it is about is exactly what it sounds like: formulating everyday foods with refined sugar products to match children’s sugar bliss point. Sugar bliss point – the perfect sweetness level scientifically proven to cause an addiction to sweets.Continue reading “Sugar Cravings, Natural Sweeteners”

Book Club: Healing with Whole Foods Ch. 2-7

The second book club session discussing Healing with Whole Foods met on February 9, 2021. We discussed Part 1: The Roots of Diagnosis and Treatment, and we read Chapter 7 covering Dietary Transition. Recap and Qi We recapped the Integrated Food Pyramid – discussing awareness, activity, and nutrition – in that order. Then, we hadContinue reading “Book Club: Healing with Whole Foods Ch. 2-7”

Book Club: Healing with Whole Foods Ch. 1

On Monday January 25th, a group of four plant-based truth-seekers set out to understand the teachings of Healing with Whole Foods (HWWF) by Paul Pitchford. We begun the first book club hosted by Bloom Foods and Cranky Carrot Juice Co. by discussing Chapter 1 of HWWF, covering Origins and Access to Healing with Whole Foods.Continue reading “Book Club: Healing with Whole Foods Ch. 1”

Art of War and Food Startups

I read Art of War by Sun Tzu, with commentary by translator Lionel Giles. I sifted through the commentary, and I chose the passages that most applied to the idea of growing a small food business into a successful brand. Running a start-up is a lot like war. There is the spiritual warfare of maintainingContinue reading “Art of War and Food Startups”

Summary – Justice for Black Farmers Act

On November 19, 2020, Senators Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand announced a bill known as the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020. The bill is meant to address the history of discrimination in federal agricultural policy. It aims to do this by providing land to Black Americans free of charge. I readContinue reading “Summary – Justice for Black Farmers Act”