Pink Bean Recipes

Please enjoy the recipes I made to create the pink bean burger! From what I could find on the internet, this is only the third pink bean burger recipe ever shared. This is definitely the best one I’ve seen šŸ˜‰

Pressing pink bean patties

Pink Bean Patties

I used the pink beans I made earlier this week to make plant-based burger patties! And they came out delicious! I’ll let the video do most of the work this time, but I did want to mention the yam. I had never used this type of root vegetable before, so I wasn’t sure what toContinue reading “Pink Bean Patties”

Pink Bean Burger on a rainy day

Pink Bean Burgers!!!

I’m incredibly excited to share my process of making this pink bean burger! This is the first in a long series of my weekly plant-based burger inventions. It is a bit risky to invent a burger a week, because a lot of things have to go right. This time it did, and I am feelingContinue reading “Pink Bean Burgers!!!”