Spicy Purple Hull Pea Recipes

All the recipes I used to make the Spicy Purple Hull Pea Burger in one place! This is the internet’s first vegetarian (vegan) purple hull pea burger, and I kept this burger entirely vegan!

This burger recipe contains gluten in the hand-made whole wheat bun. If you have a gluten intolerance, use a gluten-free bun!

First Ever Vegetarian Purple Hull Pea Recipe!

What in the world are purple hull peas?! I first came across this legume in 2019 at the Gundermann Acres stand at Urban Harvest. These beans usually show up around July or August, and they are available for a few months. They look like black-eyed peas, but the eye at the center has a pink/purple…

Spicy Purple Hull Pea Patties

I used these spicy purple hull peas to make patties for a Houston, Texas late September seasonal plant-based burger! Once you have cooked beans, if you have a food processor or blender on hand, these patties come together quite easily. It is also very easy to adjust this recipe to raise or lower the sweet…