Sweet and Spicy Pink Bean Slider

I made two delicious burgers the past two weeks.

They inspired me to bring my A-game to the Great Vegan Cook-off Vol 3. The slider that resulted will be available on October 10th from 5-9 pm!!!

Two Sweet & Spicy Pink Bean sliders and tostones with adobo mayo

I took this week to refine these creations and hit the streets.

One of the most important parts of a great sandwich is the bread. It’s not easy for the best bakers to work with whole wheat flour, but I did not want to compromise on whole ingredients for the sake of a fluffy bun. So I made

Perrier Whole Wheat English Muffins

I ended up with two different recipes:

  • Whole grain white wheat flour, leavened with yeast and Perrier water. Veganized, not compromised.
  • Whole spelt and oat flour, leavened with natural sourdough starter and Perrier water. Alkaline and low-gluten.

If you are early at the cook-off this weekend, I’ll be whipping up some fresh English muffins on site. Come check it out, or see how I did it in the video!

The updated pink bean patty is improved significantly.

I updated the original pink bean patty to include more umami flavors – cooked sweet onion and smoked red jalapeño peppers.

I cooked the pink beans by themselves and dried some of them out in the oven before forming patties. Thank you Kenji and Youtube rabbit holes for new techniques.

A sneak peek at the recipe. Maybe you can eyeball the ratios from the video. That’s how I started.

In the right combination, sauce, pickles, and fruit make a burger special.

This time, I went with pickled jalapeño and okra, ripe persimmon jam, Mexican mint marigold, tomato, and avocado. Sweet, spicy, and surprisingly nostalgic – you might get goosebumps.

Persimmons, pickles, and adobo mayo. Waiting for persimmons to get to the perfect ripe-ness.

Microgreens taste better fresh.

So we bought live trays to cut seconds before they hit your plate. These are packed with nutrients. You may be surprised by their sour pop.

10″x20″ tray of cilantro microgreens from Zero Point Organics

Paige let me know she’s the tostones whisperer.

Her tostones are perfectly golden and crisp. Unrefined sea salt and adobo mayo ties the dish together with flavor and texture that matches the slider’s fly.

Paige’s patience ensures a perfect fry every time

We eat with our eyes first.

And in my experience, natural, local food is the most beautiful. Pull up this Saturday or order on Doordash on October 10th from 5-9 pm to try my new favorite burger!