Yellow Eye Pea Plant-Based Sausage?!

I made plant-based sausage for the first time this week!

I really had planned to make a burger, but two things shifted this week’s creation to a sausage.

First, I tasted the beans, I knew they would function incredibly well as a sausage. Paige tasted them and was excited about their smoky, caramely flavor right off of the stove – which was confirmation!

After that, we were watching Street Food Latin America, and I noticed how popular and simple the choripán was in Argentina. I started to think about other versions of this around the world, including the sausage stands I used to walk by during my time in Boston. The universe wanted a new plant-based version of this dish this week!

I cooked these beans with cabbage and romanesco because I had some extra in the fridge. They actually made a really nice gravy, and they added a TON of vegetable nutrients to this dish! I used fennel and fenugreek to get those smoky, caramely flavors, and I added some tomato paste for an umami note.

I am thankful for Hunter and James at Zero Point Organics for the fennel microgreens used in this dish. They provided bronze fennel and fennel florence microgreens that emphasized the base flavor of the fennel seed!

Check out the video for recipe instructions and let me know what you think!

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