Book Club: Healing with Whole Foods Ch. 1

On Monday January 25th, a group of four plant-based truth-seekers set out to understand the teachings of Healing with Whole Foods (HWWF) by Paul Pitchford.

We begun the first book club hosted by Bloom Foods and Cranky Carrot Juice Co. by discussing Chapter 1 of HWWF, covering Origins and Access to Healing with Whole Foods.

We started with Introductions, then we jumped right into the Integrative Nutrition Pyramid.

Awareness and activity are shown as the foundation of nutrition, which requires finding a balance of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, condiments, and fats.

We discussed Unrefined Foods

And we covered book examples on brown rice, homogenized cow’s milk, and the Calcium-Magnesium balance.

We acknowledged our excess of food choices…

…discussed local and organic foods, and reflected on the design of the grocery store.

Don’t push the river.

Finally, we left off with something to contemplate for the next book club on 2/9 at 7 pm, where we will cover “The Roots of Diagnosis” and “Treatment and Dietary Transition”.

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