Book Club: Healing with Whole Foods Ch. 2-7

The second book club session discussing Healing with Whole Foods met on February 9, 2021. We discussed Part 1: The Roots of Diagnosis and Treatment, and we read Chapter 7 covering Dietary Transition.

Recap and Qi

We recapped the Integrated Food Pyramid – discussing awareness, activity, and nutrition – in that order.

Then, we had a conversation about Qi, the concept of life force.

Six Divisions of Yin and Yang

We kicked off Yin and Yang by discussing the ways we can use the principles to describe a food, illness, or general constitution.

Thermal Nature

We discussed Heat and Cold, and how cooking food in different ways alters the thermal nature of the raw food.


We discussed Interior and Exterior – the factors of depth. We also talked about free radicals as they relate to overall Immunity.


We ended the Yin/Yang section discussing Strength – Excess and Deficiency. This marked the end of our discussion on The Roots of Diagnosis and Treatment.

Dietary Transition

Wear Only One Hat

We started the Dietary Transition section with discussion of the “Wear Only One Hat” principle. This conversation evolved into diets, corporations entering the plant-based food space, and more.

Healing Reactions

After this, we talked about the very important concept of Healing Reactions. We learned that dietary transition requires awareness to deal with these reactions in a healthy and positive manner.

Conclusion and Next Session!

We concluded with a final quote about resolve needed for dietary transition.

There were many many gems in this video, so I highly encourage you to watch the entire meeting when you get a chance! The next book club is meeting on 3/9 at 7 pm CT. Join us as we get into the Essentials of Nutrition in chapters 8-14!

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