Sugar Cravings, Natural Sweeteners

The first chapter of Salt, Sugar, Fat is called Exploiting the Biology of the Child, and unfortunately it is about is exactly what it sounds like:

formulating everyday foods with refined sugar products to match children's sugar bliss point.

Sugar bliss point - the perfect sweetness level scientifically proven to cause an addiction to sweets.

Children (AKA us in our natural state)


The first solid food given will determine what a nursing infant will desire later on.

Healing with Whole Foods, Teaching Good Eating Habits, p. 284

Reduce sugar cravings with sweet vegetables like carrots, sunchokes, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash!

So, what are the best natural sweeteners?

These naturally processed sweeteners have a glycemic index under 55.

They do not cause blood sugar spikes!!
  • Unrefined Sugar – unrefined cane juice powder
    • Organic Cane Sugar doesn’t cut it!
    • Raw Turbinado Sugar doesn’t cut it!
    • Brown Sugar doesn’t cut it!
    • If it doesn’t say UNREFINED, it isn’t unrefined.

  • Maple Syrup, Agave Nectar – unrefined.
    • Mrs. Butterworth – does not make you look like how Lupe described it.

  • Sorghum molasses, Barbados molasses – cooked down cane juice
    • Blackstrap molasses doesn’t cut it! It is a separated thick side-product of granulated sugar production.

  • Rice Syrup, Barley Malt, Amasake – fermented grains

  • Fruit Juices and Syrups, Date Sugar

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